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Our Projects and Partnerships Teams

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Find out more about our partnership with MSI here

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Michelle Ernstsen

My name is Michelle and I’m happy to be one of the Project Analysts of FGHR’s collaboration with MSI Integrity. I’m currently pursuing a masters degree in International Criminal Law at the University of Amsterdam jointly with Columbia Law School. The reason for joining FGHR was to learn about human rights from a different perspective and to work with a team of motivated people on a project that has an impact on the society. It has been everything I hoped for!

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Dyuti Pandya

Dyuti Pandya is an international trade law master’s graduate from India. She is presently preparing for her applications for further studies and volunteering at organisations such as FGHR to name one to help bridge the policy gap in the public-private sectors out there. Her interest in FGHR roots from her law-policy background wherein she continues to explore the lacunas that are yet to be filled when we consider the interests of society and individuals on a domestic and global stage. Besides research, her interests include reading and playing with her two cats.

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Stefan Hageman

Stefan Hageman works for VNGI, a Dutch development organisation focusing on inclusive local governance and economic justice. With a background in international relations, political economy and Middle Eastern Studies, he has a strong interest in human rights and the SDGs, especially in the context of the developing world.


Find out more about our partnership with ELSC here

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Dario Karim Pomar Azar

I’m currently a fourth year in the Law LLB program at the University of Edinburgh. I’m Spanish Palestinian and have a particular interest in human rights law — in particular how it intersects with Palestinian activism, resistance and freedom of speech. In fact, I’m currently writing my dissertation on politico-legal (de)legitimations of Palestinian armed resistance!

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Chloe Bisset

Chloé Bisset is a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, pursuing a LLM in International Law following her graduation from the University of Aberdeen’s LLB with Options in French Language degree programme. Chloé is specialising her postgraduate degree to focus on human rights law, in particular women’s and children’s rights, and international environmental law. Through her previous legal research experience, Chloé has written on a wide range of subjects in the field of human rights and is looking forward to continuing her research on human rights issues.

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Brahm Desai

Brahm Desai is a penultimate year law student at University College London, from Kamloops, Canada. Growing up with a speech impediment, he was inspired to pursue a career in law and advocacy to find a voice that could speak for those who’s voices could also not be heard. He previously worked with an environmental law firm and a green research institute. Outside of the FGHR, he works researching voluntary carbon credit markets in the UK, focussing on potential abuses from private markets. After graduation, he hopes to work in the intersection between the environment and human rights and was awarded the UWC International Student Scholarship, the Shelby Davis scholarship, and the United States Conservation Fellowship to pursue his studies.

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Aidan Fisher

Currently in my final year in the LLB (Hons) (Graduate Entry) at the University of Strathclyde, I am overjoyed to be taking part in this exciting new project with the Forum for Global Human Rights. At the moment my legal interests, while varied, include: human rights law, legal theory, socio-legal work, transitional justice, and the international legal response to armed conflict. In particular, I have focussed on the intersection of gender, sexuality, and the law within the international human rights framework and I am pleased to be working on this in my dissertation.

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