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"This issue explores morality across the spectrum of our global society, from sustainable finance to migration policy" 


Welcome to the 25th issue of Insight Magazine! 

We are excited to be collaborating with the Forum for Global Human Rights  

(FGHR) on this issue, exploring all things Economic Justice. FGHR is a student 

led organisation, seeking to enhance innovative learning opportunities and community  

involvement in the field of human rights. It was created in Edinburgh by young leaders  

with a keen interest in human rights research and advocacy.  

This issue explores morality across the spectrum of our global society, from sustainable  

finance to migration policy. Case studies with leading NGOs within the field of economic  

justice have also been included to showcase their work and impact.  

On behalf of the Insight community, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the  

School of Economics for their continued support for the magazine, without which this  

publication and the release of our recent documentary on COP 26 would not be possible.  

A special thank you to the student authors and editors for all their hard work in making  

this issue come to life.

All the best, 

Serena Grover

Editing Chief of insight. 

Taken from our Autumn 2022 publication with insight.

ABOUT insight. 

insight. is an Edinburgh University run Economics Magazine, and we have partnered up with them to produce its Autumn 2022 issue. insight. aspires to open up a space for knowledges and experiences to be shared, specifically on matters of global human rights. 

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"Collaborating with FGHR has provided the opportunity to work across the different schools at the Univeristy of Edinburgh and produce a joint publication on Economic Justice.

Students were given the opportunity to interview leading NGOs in the field, thanks to FGHR’s vast network. Insight has thoroughly enjoyed working with FGHR - from planning and management with the executive team to connecting with those in the wider network- and looks forward to future collaboration."

- Serena Grover

Our mutual theme of Economic Justice binds the initiatives of both FGHR and insight so that Economics students at the University of Edinburgh are able to apply their Economics educations to contemporary human rights questions.  If you are interested in learning more about the collaboration, be sure to follow both FGHR and Insight on social media and keep an eye out in our publications page. 

"Not only is it right in terms of justice, but in terms of our basic human instinct of helping others."

A section from our Autumn 2022 joint publication on whether communities or individuals are the drivers of change.

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"Haunted by colonial and capitalist feats, the problem of resource distribution remains a pressing one."

Willow Courtauld on the Center of Economic and Social Rights 

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