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Foreword to the Digital Global Rights Journal

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

A Note from the Co-Founders of FGHR


Dear readers, reviewers, and audience,

With this foreword, we are delighted to introduce the Forum for Global Human Rights (FGHR)’s flagship online publication: the Digital Global Rights Journal (DGRJ), the premier journal for the world’s first student-led human rights forum. Contained herein are the intellectual expeditions of students into the world of human rights law, practice, and policy. As FGHR’s premier publication, the Digital Global Rights Journal embodies the organisation’s principles of interdisciplinarity, intersectionality and inclusivity in human rights through expansive content produced and edited entirely by our diverse team of students and young professionals. For all students and young professionals with an interest in human rights, the Digital Global Rights Journal provides the perfect platform to explore and develop that interest while getting published in an editorial dedicated to amplifying the voices of young people in the field of human rights.

The journal will include high-quality, original contributions on human rights issues, policies, and practices from around the world, including research pieces, commentaries, op-eds, and book reviews. Produced and developed by our capable and creative editorial team, the Digital Global Rights Journal not only creates a space for the expression of novel and innovative perspectives and insights on contemporary human rights questions, but exemplifies the power and potential of young people in the field. With interdisciplinarity and intersectionality always in mind, the Digital Global Rights Journal will cross traditional disciplinary divides, encouraging the discussion of a variety of different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, as well as introducing into the foray of human rights discourse disciplinary knowledges that have heretofore received limited exposure in the field.

As the flagship publication of a global human rights initiative, the Journal will strive to achieve an international readership consisting of both academic and professional audiences. From students and young professionals to academics, lawyers and lawmakers, the Journal seeks to engage all those who have the potential to advance the defence of human rights and access to justice around the world with the knowledge, perspectives, and insights of those who will soon inherit those policies and their concomitant consequences on the world as we know it.

For all students and young professionals eager to get involved in the Digital Global Rights Journal, we hope you consider either joining our editorial team in-house at FGHR or submitting papers externally for publication. If you are uncertain as to the process for exploring either of the above avenues or have any other questions concerning the journal, please do not hesitate to make contact (

A thank you to the brilliant Editorial Office of FGHR, to whose members all credit for this publication should go. A thank you to all of the Champions of FGHR, the academics, professionals, and university staff who have vested their trust, time and energy into the vision and mission of our young organisation. A thank you finally to the audience, readers, and reviewers, current and future, for engaging with this publication. It is because of your readership that we are able to action our mission of “building a community for the human rights leaders of tomorrow.”

Best wishes and thank you for your contributions to the Digital Global Rights Journal.

Yours sincerely,

Adith Srinivasan (Acting Editor-in-Chief), Jonathan McCartney & Vanessa Lee


Co-Founder and Executive Director

Forum for Global Human Rights (FGHR)

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