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Our Communications and Marketing Team

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Nina Butslova

Nina Butslova is originally from Russia and has recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh, completing her degree in History and Spanish. At the University of Edinburgh, she specialised in the topics of Latin American human rights, with particular focus on Cuba and Argentina. She is also interested in the topic of genocide, specifically researching the Guatemalan genocide and that of the indigenous people in Brazil. She is about to embark on a masters degree in Latin American Studies in the University of Oxford where she will focus on Latin American human rights and development. Having researched human rights issues extensively and with the urgency for action really emerging with the current devastating events in Ukraine and the growing human rights crises in Russia, Nina is a passionate advocate for change. She speaks Russian, Spanish and French and aspires for a career in journalism or documentary film making.

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Isabel Mogridge

Isabel Mogridge is a fourth year student in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about her work abroad teaching and educating young people and her current research focuses on contemporary race and ethnicity issues, specifically the effect on Chinese Asian communities after the Covid-19 pandemic in both UK and US discourses. Isabel hopes to pursue a career doing further work abroad with communities living through civil unrest or for a group that supports a similar initiative.

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Nora Alvarez Ahdab

Nora Alvarez Ahdab is a first year student in International Relations and International Law at the University of Edinburgh, where she plans to deepen her knowledge on human rights law. Coming from a diverse cultural upbringing, she is passionate about the study of cultures, as well as how politics and culture intertwine, clash, and build upon each other. Nora is a firm believer that people from all backgrounds have a crucial role in promoting and defending justice where it is repressed, and she is excited to be part of an initiative that pushes forward this cause.

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Federica Davin

Federica Davin is a Master’s Student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands where she studies International Relations with a specialization in geopolitics and connectivity. Originally from Italy, she is a passionate defender of human rights. Her personal studies focus on issues of women’s security, especially in countries facing war or political turbulence. After her master she would like to start a career in humanitarian action, either in diplomacy or an NGO.

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Siena-Maree McKenna

Siena-Maree McKenna is a third-year International Relations and International Law student at the University of Edinburgh. She has developed her interest in human rights through growing up in the Middle East and India. Specific topics such as the negligence of basic rights for migrant workers in the Middle East and the lack of women’s rights and education for girls in India are what Siena’s focus is. She believes that human rights discourse is a growing phenomenon and that young academics have the power to make global change through advocacy. Siena hopes to continue research and advocacy in the field of human rights and hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy.

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Alex Hounsome

Alex Hounsome is a 4th year student currently studying Law and Economics at the University of Glasgow. He grew up in a range of countries across the world, which developed his interest in international relations and the relationship different legal systems have with one another. Studying a degree that blends law and economics he is passionate about shaping a world with policy that promotes both economic equality and social justice. Alex is excited to start on his journey with the Forum for Global Human Rights and is looking forward to being part of its growth and development on the international legal stage.

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