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Our Alumni



Jonathan McCartney

Jonathan McCartney is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Law School, holding an LLB Law (Honours) Degree. Originally from Loch Lomond, Scotland, Jonathan volunteered with the Free Legal Advice Centre as a student advisor, before going on to act as the Edinburgh Student Ambassador for both the Scottish University Law Clinic Network and Partly inspired by the incredible people in the University’s Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education Department, Jonathan founded FGHR to improve Access to Justice and student engagement. By giving young people a platform to engage with real world issues important to them, connect with NGOs and learn practical skills Jonathan hopes that FGHR will inspire more future leaders and help address the Access to Justice gap wordwide.



Nina Butslova 

Nina Butslova studied History and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh before doing a Masters in Latin America Studies at the University of Oxford. Nina is orginially from Russia and has fluency in English, Russian and Spanish. She is currently a Researcher and Writer at Latin News, working on economic, political and global affairs in Latin America. Nina played an important role in helping build FGHR, especially our Communications and Marketing department.



Vanessa Lee

Vanessa Lee is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Law School, holding an LLB Law (Honours) Degree. She is from Toronto, Canada and will be working in Investment Banking after graduating. In addition to founding two startups throughout university she has also been awarded the 2021 Undergraduate of the Year Award for Sustainable Thinking. With these experiences she has been president/ chairperson of four societies on campus and hopes to continue providing students with opportunities through the Forum for Global Human Rights. After volunteering at a Kenyan orphanage in 2016 and 2017, Vanessa hopes to raise awareness for Children’s Rights in Kenya and aims to utilize FGHR as a platform to inspire a generation of young leaders.

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