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The Forum for Global Human Rights (FGHR) and the SOAS Hong Kong Society (SOASHKSoc) are delighted to invite you to our highly-anticipated panel event, "The Fight for Human Rights & Democracy in Hong Kong: A Forum for Activism", scheduled to take place on Friday 24 March, 2023 in-person at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre at the SOAS University of London.

FGHR and SOASHKSoc have organised a panel consisting of three political activists to discuss their work and experiences fighting for human rights and pro-democracy in the context of Hong Kong, and to explore opportunities for youth involvement in activist work. We are honoured to have Mr Benedict Rogers (founder of Hong Kong Watch), Ms Clara Cheung (Hong Kong artist and ex-District Councillor) and Mr Simon Cheng (founder of Hongkongers in Britain) join us for a panel discussion and Q&A session to share their insights on this pressing issue.


While Western news coverage on the plight of Hong Kong has been relatively substantial, rather than merely recounting all that has unfolded in the city over the last few years, this event promises to present a more intimate perspective on the demonstrations by shedding light on the panellists' personal experiences in fighting for democracy and human rights in an increasingly politically-oppressive environment. This event is sure to be a meaningful opportunity for all those interested in the current affairs of Hong Kong, as well as those who seek deeper, more personal and lesser-known portrayals of the political turmoil that has unfolded in the city in the last few years.

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