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Assessing Worker - and Community - Centric Alternatives to Conventional Corporations.




We are excited to introduce our ongoing partnership with MSI Integrity on their project Shifting Power. The project was first announced in late 2021 and aims to scrutinize corporate power in the United States and the root causes of the inequality it causes. Our role was to assist MSI on research and outreach activities related to the Shifting Power project until October 2022.

As of February 2023: Since July 2022, FGHR has been hard at work assisting US-based economic justice NGO, MSI Integrity, in its ground-breaking “Shifting Power Project”. The Shifting Power Project aims to decentre the economic landscape and reinvent the structure of business to make progress towards a fairer economy. At the heart of such efforts is the observation that the current dominant corporate business model “prioritizes shareholder interest and exhibits concentrated ownership, fueling massive inequality.” To raise awareness of the complicity of the corporate model in perpetuating human rights violations and environmental degradation by Big Business, the project aims to develop one user-friendly and visually appealing online platform to explore and evaluate worker and community-centred alternatives to the corporate model. Over the last several months, FGHR’s team of Project Analysts has supplemented MSI Integrity’s work on developing the online tool by conducting research into alternative worker- and community-centred models of business. Starting February 2023, in addition to this research, FGHR’s team will begin assisting MSI Integrity in its advocacy operations, engaging key stakeholders on the key findings from the research and organising fruitful discussions to chart a way forward toward a fairer economy.

To learn more about "Shifting Power", visit MSI Integrity's project webpage.

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